Build A Brand Drop-Shipping Consultation

Build A Brand Drop-Shipping Consultation

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Over this consultation I will be able to educate you on what a drop-shipping/ ecommerce store is and the basics of opening up a store. With this consult, I can answer all of your questions and teach you the basics of opening up your online store front. 

I can help you build a dropshipping business plan and give you some resources to teach you how to run your store succesfully.

This package is great for people who are tech savvy and are quick learners or just don't have the time for a full 4-6 hour course. With this package you may add up to 2 hours. If you need or want more time, please purchase "The Complete Build A Brand Drop-Shipping Course." That course is step by step and will be very more detailed and informative.

The price is $80 an hour, & you may book up to 2 hours. These hours do not have to be in a consecutive day. I am able to work around your schedule. 


Refund Policy: Hush By Tai does NOT issue refunds of any kind.  


Return Policy: Hush By Tai does NOT accept returns of any kind due to the nature of it being a digital product.


Promotional Policy: If you choose to work with Hush By Tai, your website will be used for promotional purposes.